Milestone Mini

I got to see one of my sweet newborns this weekend.... he is already 6 months old!  Lindsay and I have 2 kids the same age, so when she added a third to the mix, I pretty much stared at her in complete awe.  Needless to say, we started our session with Starbucks in hand :)

Mitchell is the sweetest baby, and can't wait to join his big brother and sister in all of their playing. He loves smiling at his momma, rolling around, and playing with his sweet baby feet.

Can't wait to see you in a couple months!!!  


Best announcement + a cute pup

Any new baby news is exciting- but this one is EXTRA special to me :)  My baby sister is  pregnant with her first baby!!! I had the chance to capture some announcement photos for them, which of course included their Frenchie, Sunny. I couldn't be happier to have more babies in the family!!!

Can we talk about that smile?!?!?

Can we talk about that smile?!?!?

Baby Announcement-8.jpg
Baby Announcement-6.jpg

Holiday Minis

After 2 postponed dates, shuffling schedules, and finally braving the elements, 2017 Fall Minis are complete!  I worked with some GREAT families... everyone was so flexible and understanding of having to work in Cleveland weather!  Love how the fall colors came out this year! Enjoy :)

Newborn Lifestyle- H

This baby girl might have the cutest nursery I've ever seen.  She was already so loved, even before she showed her precious face (and all of that hair!!!)

Welcome to the world, sweet Harlow. 



Lifestyle Senior Session- S

I FINALLY got to meet Sarah and her mom last weekend. Her father works with my hubby, and we have been trying to get together for literally 10 years!  

When deciding on a location, mom suggested Hudson Springs Park.  I went to scout it out, and immediately fell in love.  Such a gorgeous spot!!!  We were able to take tons of fall photos, just what Sarah was looking for. 

Enjoy pics of this book loving, musical senior!



Newborn Lifestyle- Baby W

As soon as I stepped into this home and met the momma, I knew that a lifestyle session was perfect for her! She was home for less than 24 hours... they just brought baby brother home to his older sisters.  I encouraged her to put her feet up and relax as I worked!  Getting thrown right into reality is so exciting- but hard.  My goal is to make the session as easy as possible on the families. 

After viewing her gallery she wrote "I love these!  I am so happy with how they turned out.  That day was very stressful with it being our first day home.... but you made the experience enjoyable.  Thank you so much!" Mission accomplished!!


Wyatt -3.jpg
Wyatt -29.jpg

Lifestyle Session- S Family

I had the chance to work with a brand new family this past weekend.  We met at the park in stunning weather, and saw no fewer than 11 other photographers.  Literally.  

Not going to lie... I had to take some deep breaths and remember "community over competition." I'm so grateful that I have such amazing clients pick me!! I promise to keep working hard to make sure you get gorgeous images + and have a great experience.

Speaking of gorgeous....


Fall Fashion Guide

I'm not gonna lie.... the first time I had a family ask "what should we wear for pics", I was a little lost.  I can take photos- but dressing the families had me all kinds of stressed!

And now I have to say, I love this part of my job. I enjoy watching the trends, and imagining how everything will look in my images. (It also gives me a chance to pretend that I wear anything other than boyfriend jeans and white tee....)

I give the same advice no matter when the session is, or who it's for.  Moms- dress yourselves first. Yep- I totally just told you to put yourself first. You're welcome. Pick something that will make you feel comfortable, beautiful, and looks like you. Being on the other side of the camera with my own family, I know that family pics are a lot of work for the mommas.  Make this part easy on yourself!  Pick what you want to wear, and then build the rest of the family.  Because let's be real..... the kids will look cute no matter what they wear, and Dad just has to show up in pants and a button down, and he'll look put together. 

When you are deciding what you want the rest of your family to wear, try to pick from a palette of 2-3 colors.   Don't be afraid to incorporate patterns and prints! And seriously, most of all.... make sure it looks like you.  We are capturing your memories :)

Please also take weather into consideration.... kids tend to freak if they are even a little too hot or too cold. At least mine do. Something tells me I'm not alone.

Below are my inspiration boards for some visual help... enjoy!

Adult Fashion Guide.jpg

Lifestyle Maternity Session

I had the honor of meeting this beautiful couple last year.  They are beyond excited for this baby boy to make his arrival soon.  A thunderstorm didn't even bring them down... we just waited for the rain to pass, and the sunshine to return. God is good.



Immarino Maternity-3.jpg

Lifestyle Newborn- M

Can I just say how much I love doing newborn sessions for friends?  I hand them a cup of coffee, scoop up their baby, snuggle, and catch up.  In this particular session momma had Southern Charm on while I took pics.  Best.

Not to be all unicorns and rainbows, but I can't believe this is my job. 

Lifestyle Newborn- D

Delivering Strength's momma had her baby boy! It was so great to have the chance to work with her again, and talk through her birth story.  She will have so much to offer to their new podcast, and I am so excited to see what the future holds for them!

Enjoy this little man.


Lifestyle- O's 4th birthday

When doing lifestyle photography, I tend to stay away from styled photos. My goal is to capture the subject in their own environment, doing their own thing.

But when you do a 4 year old girl's birthday photos, costumes and tea parties are their environment :)  I had a blast playing dress up and having a tea party with this sweet girl and her family!  

I hope you have a wonderful birthday, little princess. 


Spring Mini- H Family

Loved the chance to work with these fun kiddos!  Mom was nervous on how they would behave.... I reminded her WE ALL ARE!!!! 

And these kids rocked it!  They were super sweet, and we were able to play the whole time! Nothing like blowing dandelions and making wishes in the warm sun.  



Spring Mini- K

I kicked off my Spring Mini sessions with this sweet communion girl.  She was quite the hit in the metroparks, with several people stopping to tell her how lovely she looked. 

At one point, her mom asked if she was having a good time.... her response "this is AWESOME!" melted my heart.  I love capturing beautiful images, but more, I love when my clients are having fun!

God bless you!

Branding Session- Delivering Strength

I was THRILLED when the Delivering Strength ladies asked me to do photos for their website.  Their upcoming podcast is going to be amazing- all about prenatal/delivery/postnatal info for women in the CLE area... honest and educational.  So excited for them!!

Senior Session- Jack

Took advantage of the gorgeous CLE weather and met Jack at the Metroparks for some senior pics.  Graduating from Brecksville this year, Jack will be headed to BGSU in the Fall.  Congrats!!!


Lifestyle Newborn- J

This sweet nugget had some serious FOMO, and didn't want to sleep during our session.  I got to put my camera down and give some snuggles until she fell asleep- my absolute favorite job perk. Welcome to the world, little girl.  


Lifestyle Session- H Family

Despite the wet ground, (from 4 inches of snow 2 days prior), I was able to take advantage of the 70 degree weather and take some Spring photos for a wonderful family.  I met mom at church, and was so excited to get to work with her kiddos.  How cute are they?!?!?



Lifestyle Session- AW

It's hard to believe that it's been 6 months since I saw sweet Annie!  This sweetie pie just celebrated her first birthday, and she was about as cute as can be. A day filled with sunshine, cake pops, and books.  Really, is there anything better?!?!