Still Fierce About 2017

It's officially late January, and I am still feeling motivated about my goals for the year.  That must be some kind of record. 

Juggling who I am: wife, mom, friend, business can get a little hectic at times.  Anyone else agree? I hear you and see you, any woman reading this. You can carry all of the titles mentioned above, or zero.... if you are a girl, you juggle. 

So my goal for this year? Do everything with passion, not on autopilot.  I figure that will help weed out the stuff I really don't need to be doing as much of. Weed out the worry.  The comparing.  Remove. Discard. Simplify.

I was surprised at how much prep work simplifying can take.  A dear friend recommended the Cultivate What Matters Powersheets.  This happy notebook is all about intentional goal planning.  It cuts to the core, makes you think about what you value, and gives you realistic approaches to achieving your goals.  After some serious thinking, I am on my way for a powerful 2017.... or January, at least :)  

What are some of your goals?