My Adventure

You guys, this is happening. In real life. Real life- the inspiration for me starting this photography adventure.  That's really what it is, right? Adventure. Nothing to be scared of here. 

Anyways, back to real life.  I've noticed in the past 5 years (the same amount of time that I've been a momma) that some really cool stuff happens in life that I love to catch with my camera.  Little moments that make me giggle, and keep me going through the otherwise tedious days of motherhood.  These are precious nuggets...a candid smile, a sweet gesture, my kids playing in the midst of their ponies and dinosaurs.  Capturing the memories they are creating, right there in the middle of this mess that we are currently calling life. 

Through some motivation of dear friends and family, I have decided to offer these photography services to others.  To the people who want to capture their lives in organic, imperfect moments.  Sure, I'll throw in the occasional pose here and there... but my goal is to really catch my clients being themselves.  

My deepest gratitude to those are willing to share this adventure with me.  To those who are willing to let me capture their joy.  

Away we go...