Peters Family Lifestyle Session

I had the chance to have breakfast at the Peters' house last week.  Becky and I have known each other since we were 12.   We've gone through school years together, relationships, good memories, and bad.  Now we have the chance to go through motherhood together (as neighbors!) 

I very specifically told Becky to not do anything out of the ordinary when I came over.  PJ's, messy hair, chaotic kids... all were welcome.  She and Scott recently brought baby #3 home, so she didn't fight me on my request :)  

After warming up, the kids were pretty unfazed at me just following them around with the camera.  It gave me the chance to take some pretty cool photos in their comfort zone.  

After editing and sending some of the photos to Becky, she sent me a text that meant the world to me. 

"This one is making me cry. You captured Charlie to a T."

My first lifestyle session was a success.